Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of information in the form of a text file, sent by a web server and stored on the computer of a visitor to a web site. It can then be read back later by the web server or web browser when required. The use of cookies is a convenient way of allowing a computer to remember specific information relating to a web site.

How we use Cookies
The Hawkins Hatton website uses cookies in currently one way;
To collect web site usage information via Google Analytics.

Google Analytics
The Hawkins Hatton website uses cookies to collect web site usage information via a service called Google Analytics.

What type of information is collected?
The data collected relates to each specific visit to the web site. The information gathered includes the duration of the visit, the path taken between pages, the type of computer that is being used and the approximate location of the visitor. Google Analytics does not collect any personal information such as a user’s name or email address.

How is the data used?
Data collected by Google Analytics In order to develop and improve the quality of the Hawkins Hatton web site, usage data is collected and analysed. Some of this data is collected by the web server (the computer that holds the web site) and some is collected using cookies that are sent to the web browser of each web site visitor. Data collected by the Google Analytics service is stored in the United States and non-personally identifiable information may be used by Google & its partners (for further details visit the Google Privacy Policy web page).

Managing Cookies
You can choose not to accept cookies and still use the Hawkins Hatton website, but some non-essential functionality will be lost.
The documentation for your web browser (usually accessible from the ‘Help’ menu) will provide you with instructions on how to manage cookies.

If you have any questions or comments please email